Stella York Trunk Show on 1st and 2nd July

It’s that time of year, get your diaries out and be ready to call us! We are super excited to be announcing this seasons Stella York trunk show dates!

  • Stella York Bride indoors
  • Stella York Bride with Groom indoors
  • Stella York Bride outdoors
On Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd July we will have the 2018 Stella York collection in store available for our brides to try, this collection will hold some pre- released gowns and some favourites from last season!

Be sure to check out the Stella York website for some inspiration on these new and beautiful gowns!

We are celebrating this event with bubbly and goodies on the day as well as some exciting offers, so be sure to call and get you appointments booked in!

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Why have an Easter wedding

Whether you’re keeping it simple by incorporating pastel colours and bunting, or going further with a full-scale egg hunt, an Easter themed wedding will always entertain your guests.

Pastel colours are a subtle, consistent and stylish way to bring in an Easter tone to your wedding without tying your whole day to the theme. We love the way the below wedding has managed to easily create an Easter theme by simply hanging pastel coloured paper lanterns from the ceiling. This cost effective and simple idea can transform a marquee wedding to a spring celebration with an Easter feel.

Centrepieces are another brilliant way to create an Easter theme. By incorporating props and ideas such as bright spring colours, eggs, ribbons and bright flowers, you can easily evoke the happy feel of Easter without breaking your budget or having to create anything too elaborate.

If you want to step it up and really go for a strong Easter theme, a classic Easter egg hunt is a fun and simple way to do it. This will also keep your littlest guests entertained and off your hands for a little while while they run around in glee hunting for their chocolate prizes, and you enjoy the drinks reception! This is especially perfect for outdoor weddings.

If you and your partner are real animal lovers and want to wow and delight your guests while getting some seriously adorable photo opportunities, why not truly make your wedding an Easter day to remember and have a petting zoo? This will make you the most popular with all the children attending and we guarantee that even the grownups won’t be able to resist petting a furry friend.

How to do wedding DIY and stay sane

Deciding to undertake any form of wedding DIY can be quite a commitment. Whether it’s creating your own centrepieces, table accessories, wedding favours or deciding to go all out and painstakingly hand craft all your decorations and finishing touches, it’s no mean feat.

Though it may be difficult and time consuming, DIY-ing your wedding day is becoming a popular trend, with couples across the nation claiming it has saved them thousands of pounds. However, at what cost? Having to cut out and fold hundreds of paper templates to fold into tiny decorative roses is enough to try the patience of a saint; therefore, I’ve compiled a few ideas on how to do your own wedding DIY, express your creativity and save some cash, whilst avoiding losing your patience and setting fire to a pile of half-finished handmade centrepieces.

If you’re looking for a fun and personal way to express your creative side and save a considerable amount of money, contemplate making your own wedding invitations. Firstly, please bear in mind this may be a better task for the bride with 60 guests rather than the bride with 200 (for your sanities sake). Though if you pride yourself on your persistence and enjoy repetition and precision, this would be perfect for you. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of ordering invitations and you can really personalise them and add your own touches. If you want to handwrite them, consider taking a calligraphy course. The average cost of wedding stationary is around £271.00, and a calligraphy course being available for £30.00, you still save money, and it becomes a fun activity for you and your H2B! Ribbon, card and other assorted decorative stickers all allow you to be creative and let your own flair inspire your invites, whilst also being extremely cheap from places such as hobbycraft for example. To save yourself from invite madness, enlist the help of your trusty bridesmaids to help you glue and stick to their hearts content! As your bridesmaids, they will definitely be more than happy to help you, (also, as your bridesmaids, they have no choice).

If you’re looking for a fun way to accessorise your venue at low cost, makeshift chalk board signs are an adorable and modern way to do so. All you have to do is come up with a catchy slogan and write it in a cute font, with optional doodles, and hang them up in appropriate places. This is a fun way of directing your guests, letting them know what your signature cocktail is or just giving them something funny to read. You can let them know your style as a couple by doing this, and its very low budget and not time consuming. Easy on the wallet and the effort!

If you’re looking to tackle something bigger, like your centrepieces. I would suggest enlisting the advice of a professional if you have no background in arts and crafts. As though it may look great on your Pinterest board, bringing that flower candelabra complete with floating fairy lights to life may not be as easy as it seems. Ensure that whatever your planned homemade centrepieces are, they’re not so difficult that they’ll stress you out and leave you abandoning the project and having to rethink them last minute. Create a mood board of possible colours/props/themes you want to include and start from there. Include things which express you as a couple and take from your lives together, your favourite things and themes which you both love. If you’ve got an artist anywhere in your extended family, now is the time to utilise them (even a self-proclaimed artist will be of some help).

Furry Friends

When planning your wedding, you need to take into account all your friends and family, and for many couples their pets are included in the latter group. Because of this including your favourite furry friends in your big day is becoming more and more of a common theme, and delightfully so! Take one of our lovely brides, Hollie and her partner Matt, for example. She wanted her gorgeous Rottweiler Bane involved in her day and luckily the wonderful venue Buxted Park were more than happy to oblige! Resulting in a very happy dog, bride and groom, and these wonderful photos from the wedding! These lovely photos are by Nick and Jazz from Velvet Storm Photography.

As well as having personal experience with pets being involved in weddings, we find that it’s becoming more popular for many couples and many different pets! When considering having your loyal companion involved in your big day, it’s important to ensure that they’ll be comfortable and happy in the environment. If your pet is generally skittish or a little nervous having them surrounded by all your wedding party could be stressful for them. So, giving them a main part in the ceremony, such as a ring bearer or flower-girl (two increasingly common roles for pets in weddings), could be too tricky for them. A way around this is to nominate a pet-sitter for the day, to watch over them and help them, it’s good to appoint this prestigious role to a family member/friend who your favourite furry friend is already comfortable around, such as a sibling. This should avoid any wedding jitters for your animals whilst still allowing you to let them join in on their owner’s important day!

If you’re truly an animal lover, then why not invite your guests to bring their pets too! This can tie into your theme and can also keep the children amused for hours playing with everyone’s wonderful pets. Although if you decide to this, proper planning is required! Ensure that your venue allows pets and is pet friendly, i.e. not too close to any roads if there are no protective fences. Also, make sure that you inform your guests of everyone’s pets attendance, so that if they are allergic or not very confident around animals, they can plan accordingly. For this same reason having a pet-free zone may be a good idea, as although you adore your animals, not every guest might and you don’t want them to miss out on the wedding fun. It’s usually best to organise for someone to take your beloved pets home before the evening starts, this will ensure you are stress free to relax at the party, safe in the knowledge your best furry friend is at home snoozing after their exciting day!

Real Wedding – A Beautiful July Blackstock Barns Wedding!

Nix and her new husband choose the beautiful Blackstock barns for their wedding! She chose a stunning Stella York gown and paired it with our So Sassi waterfall veil, one of our favorites!

“We first met Chloe at Blackstock wedding fair where we came across my dream dress in their catalogue. When it came to getting my dress quite a few months later, they had a new season of dresses in and my dream dress was no longer in the shop! The team at Fross were amazing and were able to get a sample of my dress shipped from Australia to try on. Which I am so glad they were able to as after trying MANY dresses on, I kept coming back to that dress!”

“We got married at Blackstock Barn on Wednesday 6th July and the sun shone down on us! We had the most perfect day with our closest friends and family and I felt a million dollars!  My now husband chose and designed our wedding cake on his own (with a little help from my mum!) which was made by the talented Sylvias kitchen and I couldn’t have chosen better myself! All of our special memories were captured Perfectly by Claire and Marcus from Fitzgerald Photography and Dex and Adam from Magic Lantern Videography. It really was the best day of my life!”

We love the colour scheme Nix and her husband used at their wedding and are so pleased their day was everything the dreamed it would be!



Photography by – Fitzgerald Photographics –