Furry Friends

When planning your wedding, you need to take into account all your friends and family, and for many couples their pets are included in the latter group. Because of this including your favourite furry friends in your big day is becoming more and more of a common theme, and delightfully so! Take one of our lovely brides, Hollie and her partner Matt, for example. She wanted her gorgeous Rottweiler Bane involved in her day and luckily the wonderful venue Buxted Park were more than happy to oblige! Resulting in a very happy dog, bride and groom, and these wonderful photos from the wedding! These lovely photos are by Nick and Jazz from Velvet Storm Photography.

As well as having personal experience with pets being involved in weddings, we find that it’s becoming more popular for many couples and many different pets! When considering having your loyal companion involved in your big day, it’s important to ensure that they’ll be comfortable and happy in the environment. If your pet is generally skittish or a little nervous having them surrounded by all your wedding party could be stressful for them. So, giving them a main part in the ceremony, such as a ring bearer or flower-girl (two increasingly common roles for pets in weddings), could be too tricky for them. A way around this is to nominate a pet-sitter for the day, to watch over them and help them, it’s good to appoint this prestigious role to a family member/friend who your favourite furry friend is already comfortable around, such as a sibling. This should avoid any wedding jitters for your animals whilst still allowing you to let them join in on their owner’s important day!

If you’re truly an animal lover, then why not invite your guests to bring their pets too! This can tie into your theme and can also keep the children amused for hours playing with everyone’s wonderful pets. Although if you decide to this, proper planning is required! Ensure that your venue allows pets and is pet friendly, i.e. not too close to any roads if there are no protective fences. Also, make sure that you inform your guests of everyone’s pets attendance, so that if they are allergic or not very confident around animals, they can plan accordingly. For this same reason having a pet-free zone may be a good idea, as although you adore your animals, not every guest might and you don’t want them to miss out on the wedding fun. It’s usually best to organise for someone to take your beloved pets home before the evening starts, this will ensure you are stress free to relax at the party, safe in the knowledge your best furry friend is at home snoozing after their exciting day!